Shadow of Turning (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #57)

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I tried to do anything I jj could to twist that in. Most magic stories 5 make the magician a little bit fabulous. Norgil is standing near o a closet door, and his hands are up. He turns his head that way and says, j iS "Come on, Fritz, get this guy!

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Now in stock in both ebook and trade paperback with the deluxe signed hardcover edition still forthcoming. Too bad there were only five issues. Sharon Ventura spends half of this issue trying to commit suicide because she hates her new She-Thing body. Avon Twilight reprint. This is a thrilling and well-plotted issue, and I love the idea of a paper-thin villain. Burke must dodge his ever-watchful nemesis, Inspector Crepin, who has vowed to expel him from the country—or better yet—put him behind bars.

A big rabbit! The rabbit was pushing it open. Shadow jumped down inside it. The Shadow was shooting back, I T5 so the crooks retreated. While they were I g gone, The Shadow managed to slip out. Gibson's all-time favorite saga featured "a beautiful cover" by definitive Shadow artist George Rozen. One day I said to him, "Did you read the one with the tires? You know, that might make a good trick. Why not stand a girl on a platform and drop tires over her until you have a stack?

Then, take them down and there's no girl.

Then Blackstone saw a more modern rack where they had about 12 tires vertically in a row. He said, "That's it! The assis- tants then came and took down the tires and rolled them off across the stage — and the girl was gone. As they rolled them, they brought them to a platform and stacked them up. They dropped a rope in — and out came the girl. Blackstone took my idea for a vanish! In retrospect, Gibson thought this early yarn might have benefitted from further revision. STARLOG: Many people have pointed out that by , America's flirtation with glam- orous celebrity gangsters had peaked and The Shadow represented the turning of the tide back to law-and-order heroes.

Because of Prohibition, we had the Mob, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and all that stuff.

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And the idea was to create somebody formidable enough to beat down these gangs. What's interesting is that The Shadow came out before the FBI was really formed, and they [followed some of] his tac- tics. When they went after John Dillinger and these other people, they went at it the same way as The Shadow. I always thought he was a precursor to that sort of cleanup. Tell me about his greatest foe. He came from Tibet. Shiwan Khan was sup- posedly the lineal descendant of Genghis Khan, this superfoe from the East.

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There were four stories, and all the way through, the Shadow matched wits with Shiwan Khan, with all this invisibility stuff. Some people thought he was inspired by Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu. In fact, somebody referred to Shiwan Khan as "the poor man's Fu Manchu. Why the war background? Gibson wrote this paperback original in , spurring a Shadow revival. And it was also a good reason why he had to combat crime. Even you didn't know his true identity.

source I was always planning what was to be his final identity. The Shadow had an autogyro, so he could make landings at places where nobody else could.

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When I revealed who The Shadow was in The Shadow Unmasks, I decided he should be a flyer who purposely had taken a trip down into the jungles and then came back while he was presumably lost, to operate as The Shadow. So when an emergency arose and he couldn't appear as Cranston — which was his favorite personality — he flew down to Yucatan and suddenly Allard was discov- ered coming out of the jungle. That served his purposes, because criminals never identified The Shadow as Allard, since they knew Allard had been down in the jungle all these years.

But he really hadn't been there at all. So it was the perfect alibi. One was a man named [Colonel P. Every now and then, people thought he had been rediscovered. And there was another well-known aviator, [Scotty] Redfern. There were similar legends about him. So to have The Shadow come out of the jungle made it very timely.

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That was about the Chinese disks. The Shadow is back in new reprints of his greatest adventures. See the sidebar on page It starts with a boat coming ashore and these Chinese getting out of it. They keep talking to somebody or something in this box that they call "Koon Woon. You think per- haps someone has arrived who is going to rule Chinatown.

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But you don't know what it's all about, and then people start getting killed in that grove. I put a teaser in the story's beginning, "Who was in there? The one I always liked most was Zemba. Many people think that's the best.

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It begins with the train running from London to Paris. Murders take place on the train because some famous French spy, Zemba, is knocking off other spies on the way. They wind up in Paris, and The Shadow tries to find Zemba, the king of the underworld. A wonderful man from the Foreign Legion — who can practically disap- pear in the middle of an open desert — is brought in. If anybody can find Zemba, it's this fellow.

Shadow of Turning by Valerie Hansen

So he's looking for Zemba. Zemba is looking for The Shadow. And The Shadow is looking for them both. At the fin- ish, there's a great, big twist in which every- thing is wrapped up. Everything about the story falls into line, yet it's quite complicated. That one had a beautiful cover, where the hand of The Shadow and the hand of Zemba toast each other, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Is there anything you would do differently? At the time, I was considering having him play different characters, so readers didn't get that he had been Cranston.

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That could have been one of the strong Shadow stories. Theodore Tinsley wrote 28 of them interspersed throughout your run. I had no control of that at all. But it ruined The Shadow. I regard Bruce as completely incompetent on The Shadow. As a matter of fact, I put him in the business with the Phoenix magazine, and through his work in comics, he developed a plot ability. Bruce was ingenious — he developed good writing later on because he was very imaginative.

He also read a hell of a lot.

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Shadow of Turning (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #57) [Valerie Hansen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The little town in the. You think someone was in here?” “I think chances are very good that the shadow you saw in the store was human, not ima.

You read enough cur- rent stories, you start to do good stuff your- self. But Belmont Books hired mystery writer Dennis Lynds to continue the series in eight further books and update The Shadow, leav- ing you out in the cold.